Together Forever

He looked into her eyes,
She knew, the man behind that smile, longing for her life,
Life has not been good to him,
She can feel his tiredness,
and within a minute, she collected,
and passed a smile, a brave one, to tell him, everything is fine, honey, and rest will be best.

He knew it all, he put his hands on hers, making relax same way it is,

neither the nurse knows, nor the doctors, the two bodies in love, and then cancer, merely a terminology, and they were busy in preparation, cuts and operated,

no one to know the pain and strain, of two, divided into bodies, gathered by the same soul.

They departed to there places,
one to the operation room and the other to its window, the silences, one made one into dreams with closed eyes and other in the world of hope and prayer,

the knife roled for cuts, threads to the stitches and lovers to dreams.

We are so complete, just don’t go, don’t feel weak, get a good sleep and come back to me. Her dreams can see him and he is still grabbing the feet of every almighty asking for her.

The battle of love is the battle of life, the fought, the knew their value, defeated the odds, she came back with the love, they fought, sustained and made their love, complete again, for forever.

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