Together Forever -1

A brand new RV was racing across the mountains, carrying two lovebirds and their small little angel.

Last six months of their lives have been more like a death every day. Tanisha got diagnosed with cancer and a life full of happiness was dumped into the ashes of sorrow. While the doctors never got an idea of three deaths within one life, their lives were struggling every day.

Juhi used to miss her school every day, while Arun was not going for his job. Every day, there was lots of checkups, diagnosis of infections, blood change, and heavy medicines. This led the family to go onto ground day by day.

Ten days back from now, Arun was standing in front of operation theatre watching through the windows, the calm and beautiful life of him, lying on the bed with wires and monitors, a negative thought struck his mind, what if she died. A mere thought of consequence can send you to the world of nothing, the tears of helplessness rolled by and at the next moment he realized a small palm onto his hands, Juhi was there. She made him bow down and said: “Pa, everything will be fine, Mamma will be fine and then we will go in mountains to live.” He hugged her and went to the waiting area.

While Juhi got a quick asleep, he was still thinking of his conversation with doctor Sharma who said Tanisha is not having more than a month or even less.
He never thought of this life and he can’t even think of a life with Tanisha.

He remembers, dancing on a Punjabi track in the marriage of his brother in law last January, with his wife and daughter, a family Arun and Tanisha always prayed for.

Tanisha belongs to a Punjabi family and Arun is from Ghaziabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh. They met in their college in New Delhi and Started their flattering romance. They crossed their borders of caste and religion to pave a way to their marriage. But as the love was never supposed to be accepted, it was Tanisha’s brother who took the charge, and the wedding happened.

While the marriage was full of relatives, the best part was no one was happy except Tanisha and Arun. Relatives had their own points and lovers had their own. In their life, this would be the most remarkable completion of love. They knew what they want from life and started their journey in the best possible way. Every dream of their love was coming alive, every passing day. Arun was working as a sales manager in Ford motors, a motor vehicle company, and Tanisha chooses to take care of her home after Juhi was born.

Everything was going like a beautiful dream into reality until a bad watch of destiny dumped into their life. After six years of their marriage, this would be their first year in a dilemma that they will celebrate their seventh anniversary together or not.

As dawn approached, a reddish beam of ray approached Arun. He patiently arranged Juhi onto the chair, where she was sleeping. He again went to one of the windows of operation theatre and glanced into the room where Tanisha was sleeping.

To be continued.

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