Together Forever -3

‘When you know, you have nothing to lose, you stop caring and start living’

The life was getting its way to the mountains, the chilled air was blowing at its pace. It was dark, here in the woods, and they decided to stay there for the night. A small resort managed to get a single fluorescent bulb. They had their dinner there and went to their RV.
There was a single worker in the resort and he was the owner itself. It was off season so he went home.

Everything was going well than ever. They were happy, sharing some good times and there was no sign of her sickness, she was getting better over time. After Tanisha had her medicines, Tanisha and Juhi went to sleep.

While they were asleep Arun was still looking at the stars from that window. He knew this was not going stay for long, tears were rolling down from his eyes. He was praying and after sometimes he felt someone by his side. It was Tanisha.

“I don’t know, what to do? Even if I try, I couldn’t save you, and I know it has been difficult for you but I can’t live without you”

She tried to say something but closed her mouth with a force and hugged her, in a while, he could feel her whole weight and she was gone.

He was fridged for some moment, he tried to call some people, but couldn’t get any voice.
The resort was closed down. There was no one there. Arun was still sitting there, beside the windows, hugging her.

He was kissing her on her forehead, several times and went out of the bus, silently. It was dark and some stars were visible, his throat was chocked and only tears were flowing by.

After looking for something, he again went inside the Rv, he saw his life, died at the corner of the window, there was also another small angel sleeping on the bed. He went to both of them and kissed. A helpless father and a helpless lover lost both the battles of life. He was also known to the fact that this was going to happen anyways.

In the next few minutes, he started the RV and this made Juhi comes out of sleep. She went and started analyzing about what has happened. Rv was going at its full speed and reaches the top of the mountain. She went to the cabin where Arun was driving and was asking what was going on. But Arun was just looking forward, tears were flowing and didn’t say a word. She again came to Tanisha and was trying to call a dead body to raise.

After a while, she realized Arun was standing in front of him, and the bus was running at its full speed. Arun came to her and hugged and the RV was flying between the mountains.

A sound of collapse and a family ended.

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