Little Fuzz of Shah Alam -S01E01(Excerpt)

It started when everybody was looking for a reason to live but Shah Alam was not having any, sitting on a bench, looking for birds, counting on them and starting all over again. He knew his world was shrinking with every running time, he was hell of a guy who understand everything but tries to stay calm even if a fire is running around. Married to a girl at the age of sixteen, he soon realized a mistake was already bombed, he is 28 now with five busy in hunger kids.

Unemployment is a bitch that carries with her, a drink full of disrespect and you can’t refuse to drink it. Well, he tried to work several times but success to his efforts was a myth. However he carried his mission of livelihood on a serious note with his new work as guard to this Alfred park.

Alfred Park was a place of beautiful trees, long and heavy bushes, flowers of different colors from all around the world, some monuments of different kings from the history, which he never read. But these are only the official description of the park, unofficially it was a park of love birds, for an over heated and less cooked up romances. Almost every corner of the park would get filled by the different affairs of personal desires. some little dreams in fantasies would come for their first kisses and then there are Cheating wives, cheating girlfriends, cheating husbands or cheating boyfriends, everyone finding a reason to live a lustful life in arms of love.

He somehow got the job with his abilities to talk politely with the people even if his family is in hunger. From last two years he was visiting the park alone and also the first one to come and last one to go. so, he made some friends who were the guards there and asked them to help and they did helped him to get this job.

When he went home that night, he was more than just happy to announce his success to his family. As he entered his house that was painted a decade back, he sat with pride on his old plated chair, and before he could have said anything, the chair broke and electricity went off.

The worst life begins when your wife is most concerned about a broken chair than your pain in the ass, and about the unpaid electricity bills. Mariam, 26 now with 5 children raising three boys and two girls. It was never easy but with little help from her brother in Dubai and her own boutique she was running the life of seven warriors in this battle of survival.

He loves her in the most beautiful fashions of this world, that’s what keeps her happy every time she is stressed by demands of misery. the he way he looked into hers feels new every time. He always tries to come up something to help her. when he told her about his job at Alfred Park:
Mariam : How much are they gonna pay?
Shah : They won’t, for the first month they 10k per month.
Mariam : That’s good, isn’t it ?
Shah : I am exited. i want to help you with this.
Mariam : i know you do.
(To Be Continued)

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