Natural Amalgamation

Relentlessly, walking through the silent roads, I couldn’t find a way to escape the thoughts of amalgamation, i would say. People often losses themselves to people around them. The thoughts however keeps hovering into the heads; the thoughts of being you. Why can’t we understand thoughts of delving into the nature or resources the nature has provided? we keep on distancing ourselves from the truth that lies in the natural landscapes. Is it us who is restless ? or is it the nature that doesn’t have enough?

If we ask ourselves when was the last time I smiled looking at the flowers or when was the last time I slept beneath the sky full of stars? We may find some unsatisfying answers to our questions. The love of nature and it creations is sufficient to raise us, isn’t it? We belong to nature itself, isn’t it true? yes it is. Our relationships to people around us is simply based on the fact that; if you do something for me, I’ll do or will think about doing something for you. The nature doesn’t ask us to do anything in return. It stays for us even if we don’t. That makes it more valuable than humans. Nature is generous, it is selfless, it always stands for us even if we don’t.

We live in a world of Hazards, the trees could’t breathe, the water can’t identify its colour, the animals are our foods which is same as killing a life like yourself and eating them. It’s not that we don’t understand the consequences, but the thing is we haven’t seen them. we can say we can handle the consequences, then why’re we staying in our houses, locked. This needs to be reexamined.

The nature is reviving itself when we’re locked. we have seen couple of examples; the water is becoming clearer, the sky is becoming blue day by day, the animals who were scare can be seen walking on streets. As we understand how things are, we understand it more precisely than ever: the earth belongs to all of her resources, she wants us to have it equally. She wants us to grow together, we take care of each other. It doesn’t belong to humans only.

At a time when we are locked out in our houses, let’s pledge for a better tomorrow. Let’s start treating nature as a part of ourselves. we should start talking to them, we should make surrounding better for them as well. So as if they will have a better world, we’ll live a beautiful future.

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