Poetry | Less Human than Human

We have always been less human than human,
In the glare of pathetic greed, we are leading,
Like never before, or like every Single time.

There isn’t any sign of togetherness,
Good deeds, a better past, or our glory,
If there is, it’s rare, so we share.

We don’t deserve what we have,
What’s bad is caused by us.
Despite we have been gifted enough,
We never cared enough.
I can’t cry for the humanity,
Coz, I never found it,
not in me, not in anyone.

When a mother dies,
Her child in the womb,
Burnt in her life-giving shed,
It ruins every single existence.

Now, when it turns out,
You burnt her,
You killed her,
You did it for nothing,
Or for whatever.

When I consider myself,
as Human, as they, who did this,
this feeling of life touches
the shame of my existence.

The thoughts, the feelings,
You couldn’t feel, neither she could tell.
but the mud she painted on our human face,
will never fadeaway.

May God gift you to a better world.
“In the shameful existence of mine,
I write.”

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