Sour love | Flash story

Trashed to the total misery of life he waited for her. On the wary mountains beneath the total screwed up place and with all his heart and bottom, he waited. Love makes sense of total nonsense, and it does happen to the people. When I say total screwed up place, I do mean it.

There, he was standing with a bottle of mild whisky bottle with gift wrapped around it. Then, there were mosquitos singing all around him. He just can’t figure it out, what took her so long? and she didn’t come. He called her several times but she did not answer. He returned to home at around nine at night. It takes a lot of courage to stand there, but he did and he came back. Bare hands.

I can’t understand why she didn’t show up? It’s not right. is it? I should talk to her. should I? I’ll talk to her in school tomorrow. Right now, I need to sleep. do I? He already asked himself hundredth time. He couldn’t sleep. He just kept himself awake whole night.

Next day, in school, she was standing on the doorway of the classroom. As soon as he entered, she grabbed him, hugged him and kissed him. She came too close to him, and smiled, he struggled with happiness. Oh god, he totally forgot whatever he was planning to say to her about his enormous romantic wait. The whole night was gone in vain.

Then she told her looking into his eyes “I can’t, I just can’t. I think we need to end ourselves here. Don’t say anything, just don’t. when you talk, I completely forget what is wrong or Right. I just want to break up with you. Is it okay?”

And she cried putting her head on his pocket. Which was completely overwhelming.

“Okay” he said. As always.

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