Vividness of thoughts – Being wildly positive and wildly negative

There is a vividness in thoughts when you think about it. This ranges from negatives to wild negatives; from positives to wild positives. If really thinking about which is good or important. Don’t think. There is nothing wrong or right. If you will truly assess all of it you will find there is only positives and negatives, but nothing wrong or right. What is right to us will be wrong for someone or everyone for that matter. Righteousness is just like one side of a coin where there is always the other side, wrongness. If you will look closely the positives and negatives; it suggests the actions and outcomes.

Being wildly Negative or wildly Positive

Embrace yourself. Whether you feel negative or positive about anything in this world. Being wildly into it will rescue you from a lot of trouble you might be considering before jumping. There is always one thought that demolishes all the good one. A negative to a positive; and a positive to a negative. While considering a negative, for not doing it, you consider a positive and there, just there, you lost your battle.

There is a more powerful sense of being wild about something or anything. If you’re wild about anything; you just do it – unorganized, uncultured, even unethical at times, but it does fulfill you with a great amount of happiness and success. I think I don’t need to explain ‘Wild’ to you. Be wild about your thoughts. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad. If it is unacceptable to you; why are you wasting your thought? If it is important to you; why don’t you live for it? Wildly!

Ps: What’s yours will accept you anyways.

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