Life -A bucket of water and some colours

A bucket filled with water is life;
Colours are the emotions;
Shaped in a container – of lies and truths;
Sees no one the burdened water of the air
half-filled to bucket.

In the life with colours, lies a link,
To the emotional and a deep self.
Colours are the emotions – of good and bad,
Of bad and worse, beauty and ugliness,
Of tides and fights –filled to the life.

One must stand in their whites – the pure,
the genuine, the unaltered self.
One must let the bright, the dull,
the charismatic colours
splash on himself.

Painted and felt emotions must pour messages
–messages to the world.
The messages of peace and happiness,
unity in diversity, of love and care,
care and compassion, a love for everyone,
from everyone, to everyone.


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