Stand holding hands of each other; Together we have & can achieve everything

The age of stones has gone, so is the age of fire, rivers, and creating civilizations. The age of inventions, the age of innovations, the age modern ideology is the new culture we live in. Solidarity, compassion, helping each other aren’t the new words for us. We were never alone on this planet and we fought for everything –we never had anything so we fought for everything and acquired everything we have right now.

Time is demanding –it demands from us a life of positivity, unity, passion –for it gives us challenges and assesses the outcomes. If we have survived, we have already won the battle. If we triumphed in the past so we can this time as well. There is no denying about the fact that situation demands a careful, attentive and resourceful attitude and we lack in almost everything, but we must understand if there is a way out of all these unwanted situations, we all have to come along.

Nothing too bad can happen if love, care, and compassion exists with harmony. There can be scarce resources but if we stay true to ourselves the clock will turn itself into our favour. Help each other. Pray for lives. Help whenever there is a glimpse of a chance. Don’t thing about clustering the resource, give it to the needful. There is a way out of all of this and of course humanity stays everywhere. Take care.

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