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Nature & Quotes

Maze- created and curated by nature – is breathing of us without stopping. Don’t ever stop them.

Love & Quotes

Love is a diary; it fills when you write with good memories.

Hurt & Quotes

Blunt are the sharp edges of this heart which try to cut me but couldn’t cut me into pieces

A love which was & will be here

When there was hatred all-around, Love evolved to be the strongest as light to the darkest hours of the world. It was sung by poets, ornamented in poems, and the magic of words spread all over the humanity. Away from created divisions and subdivision of humanities -different colors to bring one meaning on a canvas. … Continue reading A love which was & will be here

Life & Quotes

“This epiphany of life, glimpses of past,fills her heart, with laughs and with regrets,the lost age and the squandered life.”

Love & Quotes

“To pray for a sight,A glimpse of love,Living into the eyes,Sharing some rice,Sabre rattling and some fights, Living in for love, and to die.”

Love & Quotes

Promises to her promise,kept on talking, even after her departure from his life.

Love & Quotes

“It was the love of the petal for raindrop who reflected Sun-rays until her love disappeared in the air.”

Love & Quotes

“Out of droughts, heavens were made,When she opened her tied hairs.”

Love & Quotes

“Dimensions that raise themselves beauteously from glimpses to looking at you relentlessly are immortal.”

Creative Quote

“Dark ashes of white truths fall slowly.”

Love & Quotes

The brightness tends to dim in the most beautiful fashion – as the moist eyes try to convince but the time sleeps to sunset.

Love & Quotes

“It’s the rage of a constantly beating heart which returns the gaze of two, the desperate winds of solace.”

Love & Quotes

“It’s Good to have a Rose than not to have one.”

Love & Quotes

Wrapped around the hearts, is a letter.Colors in the letter fades and it splashes all over heart. Colored the soul dances, on the tone of love.

Aesthetic Words

“Writing on leaves, the drops of fog,some poems of life,blossoming and smilinglove in the eyes.”

Sleepless Sentiments

Sleepless sentiments sound insensitive to this world as I keep gazing at you senselessly. – Gautam Kumar

The Heart has Wings

The heart has wings;heart is an enormous bird.It flies high into the sky.It touches the sky and stars sometimes,you just have to let it go flying.Heart smiles; chuckles and laughs loudly.If you can, listen to it.